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Even for small businesses preparing the payroll is a complex and time consuming activity.

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Payroll Bureau

As your business grows the task just gets harder. Since 01.04.2013 the implementation of RTI systems by HM Revenue and Customs and heavy penalties for late filing has made this area even more onerous. However, we are Chartered Payroll Professionals and as such, we will ensure that all your payroll obligations are kept fully compliant with the latest statutory regulations.

To make things easier for our clients S I Ahmed & Co. has its own payroll bureau, which has proven to be very effective for our clients. The bureau allows you to offload all of your payroll compliance tasks, from calculating net pay to dealing with all of those forms and filing requirements to our expert team. The hassle is removed and you benefit from our cost effective operation.

Payroll Tasks

Using the latest computer software and well-honed business processes we can perform the full range of payroll tasks including;

  • Calculating gross pay
    • Hourly, weekly or monthly rates
    • Bonus systems, piece work etc.
  • Calculate additional payments
    • Statutory sick pay
    • Statutory maternity pay
    • Statutory paternity pay
    • Tax credits
  • Calculate additional items
    • Student loans
    • Court orders
    • Other items
  • Prepare gross pay to net pay calculations.
  • Prepare fully itemised payslips
  • Prepare details for payment
    • arrange payment with bankers
    • utilise cash, cheque, giro or electronic payments systems
  • Provide summaries and analysis reports for management purposes.
  • Advise of due payment dates for PAYE & National Insurance.
  • Deal with all the forms
    • P45 and P46 for leavers and joiners
    • P60, P14, P35 for tax year-ends
    • P11d and P11d(b) for employee benefits.

Low Cost Quotation

We would be delighted to provide you with a quote for payroll services so you can see how little it costs to remove a big problem. Call S I Ahmed & Co. today for more information.

Fees charged for outsourcing your payroll relate to the number of employees and frequency of payment.

For more information about S I Ahmed & Co. Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Payroll Professionals, Tax and Business Advisors, please contact us.

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